Dealing with the police

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A black boy went abroad to further his studies for seven years and returned to Nigeria for the burial of his father. On his return, he is welcomed at the airport by his brother with much joy and happiness. On their way home, their vehicle was stopped by the police who insisted on their dropping some amount of money before they were allowed to go. The returnee then asked his brother if the police had not improved since he left and his brother made him understand that they had only improved for the worst. He therefore made up his mind to deal with them.

Whilst escorting the body of his dead father alongside his brother, they came across a police check point. The returnee then asked his driver to stop the car that he wanted to deal with the police men. He pulled off his clothes (was naked) and made his brother lift the coffin on his head. This way, he approached the police. The police on sighting him were surprised and moved further back as he advanced. Then, the sergeant ordered one of his boys to ask the man what he was doing. The following conversation ensued:

Police: (from a distaane) hey, who are you?

Returnee: (in perfect English), I’m Malcolm.

Police: what do you think you are doing with a coffin on your head while naked?

Returnee: I didn’t like where I was buried and therefore have decided to relocate to a new grave.

By now, you should know the response
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