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its cool...

26 Nov 11, 10:39 PM, Africa/Lagos

‎1. Sometimes women like to dress up to attract every male’s attention, even if they aren’t remotely interested in these men, just to feel sexy and desirable.
2. Women sometimes wish they were more casual about things like sex, threesomes, and stripping but without the emotional consequences.
3. If a man tells a woman that he never wants kids, he’s just taken himself out of the running for a future with most women.
4. Women want you to always take care of your physical self. Even if they say they love you no matter what, they don’t mean that it’s ok to “let yourself go.”
5. Ladies often have fantasies playing in their heads while they are in bed with you. This is not to say that you aren’t a good lover, but that they use those images to heighten their sexual experience.
6. Women secretly like it when their man becomes jealous over another male’s attention (as long as it isn’t obsessive and controlling!) and may even fuel the fires of jealousy just to feel desired and wanted by their guy.
7. While women may be supportive of a certain amount of masculine flaws, there’s a line already drawn in their heads which you might not recognize until you’ve crossed it and it’s too late
8. A woman will talk about you to her friends. Often. This will include the good, the bad, and even the ugly. You’ll just have to live with the fact that her friends may know you better than you know them.
9. The amount of random hair grooming/plucking/wax ing she does on a regular basis may disconcert you. No matter how much grooming/hair plucking/waxing you may do, she probably feels you could do more.
Every woman possess aleast one of these triats…

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