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A lot of companies are investing in advertising and marketing strategies. A lot of emphasis has been placed on internet marketing and SEO campaigns. While these are important, companies must not forget that retaining existing customers is more important than generating new ones. Studies show that it costs companies five times as much to secure a new client than to retain old clients. It is wise to invest as much time and energy in ensuring that existing clients are retained. One of the ways to do this is to ensure that each customer has an awesome customer service experience through excellent live chat service. live chat service customer experience is not just about the actual, rational experience. It is not just about answering a customer’s question or delivering the product on time. More than half of customer experience comes from the customer’s subconscious and how he feels about the service the company provides. Customer experience is emotion-driven. Consumers are so empowered that it is not enough to merely provide high quality products. Many customers are concerned with how the product is delivered and how the customer service makes him feel. Did the company make him feel important? Was the product delivered on time? Can customers contact the company easily? Does the company have a live chat service? Are the customer service representatives friendly? Most successful companies understood that while the quality of the product is essential, the overall customer experience is the main reason why customers keep coming back. Here’s how offering live chat support can affect the customer’s overall experience: 1. It complements product quality – There are many consumers who would stop using a product even if they liked it because of bad customer service. If a query was not answered or there’s a long wait time when they call a company, it doesn’t matter if the product is one of the best in the market. Customers will be dissatisfied and disappointed. If you have live chat support, you can match great product quality with great customer service. Customers and website visitors are assisted right away and their concerns are addressed quickly. Keep in mind that your product’s quality is about 30% of the overall customer experience. A great product quality alongside great customer service is a formidable combination. This combination will take your company to places. 2. It makes your company more available to your customers – To offer great customer service, customer representatives must be available at all times. Phone calls must be picked up promptly. One of the ways to offer prompt customer service is to have live chat service on your website. Live chat support is one of the easiest ways for a potential buyer or an existing consumer to contact a company. With live chat, the consumers don’t have to wait on the line for the next available representative. Having a live chat support will enable companies to deliver fast and prompt answers to their customer’s questions and concerns. 3. It allows your company to appease a frustrated client – Seasoned entrepreneurs know that one dissatisfied customer could cost you a lot. This is because “word of mouth” is powerful and one negative customer feedback could discourage potential customers and clients to avail of your products and services. Live chat support enables you to quickly appease a disappointed client. You can turn a frustrated client into a loyal customer who for example was looking for physics homework service but was not able to found one before contacting you. Great live chat representatives can appease an irate customer by understanding where the customer is coming from and addressing the customer’s issue right away. The availability of the chat representatives make the customer feels that their concerns are important and this will make them feel important. 4. Having live chat support is one way of going an extra mile for your customers - One of the ways to deliver great customer service is to ensure that the non-verbal needs of the customers are met. Successful companies anticipate the needs of their consumers. It is important to do more than what is expected. Having a live chat service on your website will make the customer feel that you are committed to delivering fast and excellent customer service. Customers would think that you are going an extra mile for them by investing in something that would benefit them. This would increase your value and give the client a feeling of wanting to do business with you again and again.


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