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Life is to short..I hate when different people come up in here and spin about how much they love this or that and this is common among we Nigerians especially the males...Bottom Line is that deep inside we know that those are all bulls you people should stop deceiving yourselves...Go straight to the point which we know is all about sex and money ..Do me a favor quit using that word " love" because that stuff does not exist on this planet earth anymore..Stop being phony man ain' t got...
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Good afternoon pals. Hope everyone is doing great. My confession is about my ex(4yrs ago). She called me on monday that she wants me to give her advice on something bothering her. I agreed to that and we decided to meet at my place on wednesday. She came around, brought food for me cos when she asked me if I've eaten I said NO. She told me about two(2) guys in her life who is disturbing her for marriage. After listening to her, she didn't wait for me advice on the issue, she then asked...
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Back in Naija, when i was 9 years old, i liked or had a crush on this one guy. His mom was like a mom to me cuz we were family friends. Me, this guy and my brothers played soccer together and all those child games in naija. So i moved to the US and after 10 years, i thought about him after i had a few failed relationships. All those years he has been crossing my mind but i never did anything about it. Recently, i got his contacts and called him. He reembered me and told me how much he has been l...
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There were three daughters and they all wanted to get married but they couldn' t afford it and neither could their parents. So the parents said " We will give you all a joint wedding and then you will all be able to get married" . So they got married and all three daughters then said " I want a honeymoon but we cant afford it" . The parents couldn' t afford it either so they decided they would have the honeymoon at their parents house. So on their honeymoon night their mo...
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Hi guyz, "WAZZUB" is d latest social network dat pays u thousands of DOLLAR$ 4 been a member and inviting others. Dont stay behind Go join "WAZZUB" and 4get ur financial woes. Here is the link:
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Pals, I ‘n my elder sister leave n d same apartment b4 I got married, we latter brot our 3 siblings to lve with us, we both single. I’m a fashion designer. Soon I became popular in my state n some other parts of d states, I even sow for governors wives n some other eminent personalities. This is d prob, my elder sister living with me got impregnated by a hit and run young man, n she deliver twins boys, I hv to fight tooth and nails to take care of my elder sister/kids, I also ensure their sc...
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Even due am nt redy to get into a relationship, am dis kind of girl dat keps male friendz alot more dan female friendz. The problem now is that all my male friendz end up saying they are in luv with me....oops,i've com a long way wit dem some re childhod frndz wile some are schoolmate i dont know wot to do please i realy u advice on this bcos i ve bein telin dem it wont wok dat am nt redy,IS IT NOW A CRIME TO KEEP GUYS AS FRINDS....
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It seems evry1 is bored lemmi tell u about a Fruity Vacation: Three americans are on a vacation hiking in a jungle in Brazil. While there, they are attacked by cannibals. The cannibals say they' ll eat them if they dont complete 2 tasks. They agree. The first task is to go in to the center of the jungle and collect eight of one fruit. The first tourist, Craig collects eight oranges. The second, Bob finds eight grapes. They all sit and wait for the third, Roy but they don' t se...
Read (11) is a bum????then you is a bum-bum!!!DA KA YI SHURU KAWAI..........
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Goodmorning everyone,pls am in a difficult situation,a lady bought me to aboard on the pretend to help me secure a job when I arrive for the first two weeks she was very kind but by the 3rd week she told one night to get dress am going to work so I ask what kind of work is dat,she told I hav to be a call girl I refuses to my suprise she started beating me ,i was force to go but anytime I do not return with money she and her husband wil beat hell out of me .it came to worst when I was seeing my p...
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