Today oh,i will lift up my voice in praise.4 i knw u r alway...
Today oh,i will lift up my voice in praise.4 i knw u r always there 4me,all mighty God u r my all in all. No matter what i face,when success come my way i will praise lord.

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Eachtime i have misunderstanding wit my fiancee she will start behaving strange, behaving somehow d way i dont like. She might be at fault but i dont look at who is at fault or not i still call her and when call her to settle d problem d way she will be talking to me on phone is anoying. I have told her abt dis but she cant change. Pls, is it good i start behaving d way she behaves eachtime we have problem....
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goodmorning all. My friend borrowed money from me and they used it for burial of their brother. He wants to pay me back d money now from money people gave them for condolence. My food stuffs has finished. Pls, i want to knw if i can use d money in buying food stuffs....
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Pls pals, i need ur opinion on dis 2 questions, and be sincere abt it. (1) is it good for a man to be accepting money from his fiancee, even if d man is having financial problem. (2) if a man' s fiancee earns 60k salary every month and she gives her fiance 3k out of it. Pls is it ok. is truth dat is her money and her fiance has some financial problem now....
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You See It Nomal For You And Her To Have Misunderstand. But Since You Said You Love Her, You Have To Call Her Sit Her Down And Let The Both Of You Talk Things Out To Settle Your Diffrences, And For A Start Wen Ever She Is Angry Always Remember Her That You Love That She Is The Most Beautiful Lady You Have Ever Seen Then You Will See She Will Change Her Ways And You Both Will Live Happy....
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I have been trying my best to stop dis. Gets angry over everylittle things my fiancee does. i knw dat dis is not right and i want to stop it. I think is bcos i love her so much. i really want to stop dis and i need ur guys to help me to stop it by ur Advice....
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Hot water poured on her somtime ago and one of her breast and shoulder was affected. Even when she wear clothe d mark of it will still show. Pls, can men find her attractive, accept and marry her. She is also 36yrs now. She is my sister....
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a women will be a fool to get what she want and once she gets dat you will knw dat d woman is not a fool. Men becareful.... Majority of women today are big liars and pretenders....
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Gud day pals! Pls I hav dix flick for older ladies,I enjoy dating older ladies dan my mate or junior plz is dix normal or are dia consequences,I av date 6 gals all are older dan me bt de dnt knw jst d last one dat konws cos d age gap is upto 8 yrs.any prblm wit dat?tnx...
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goodmorning Obuye Slmnstvn, i sent you a friend requst. Am stanley. Is abt d premature ejaculation....
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i thank you all for ur comment on wht i posted early abt premature ejaculation. Pls, i want to ask, is it possible for me to make my wife reach orgasm witout penetrating her. Pls, if it is possible, how can i do it. Help me pls. Thank you....
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