Awumen to all rugged fine boyers. May we all sail to d treas...
Awumen to all rugged fine boyers. May we all sail to d treasure island. If u feel my swagg, echo...Awumen!!!

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Good people! would someone please teach me how to ask a girl to be my girlfriend, what should i say....
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Couple of yrs bck, I answered the clarion cal, I was to relocate to North East to stop d baggars 4rm killing d people I vowed to protect, I left behind my lovely parent, siblings and two Ekaettes. In north east I found myself in d jungle wia there was no telecom netwk, I continued doing that which I know how to do best, thank God for d grace, aftr abt a yr, I was given some days to travel home and see peace, meanwhile, while in d jungle I use to send my colleagues going to d town to transfer som...
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she has been disabled for years,very beauty nd intelegent,guys hv been afta her 4 long now nd she's confused about it,weather they love her for real or mocking her,wat shld she do abt it?...
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God show me pepper no be small. I too dey form fine babe all the time. I always dey like to dey wear tight skirt and trouser. I like to tease guys as well. I chop sweet beans my mama cook last week. I come go work on Thursday. Remember I too dey form fine babe I wear tight skirt today to show off my nyash. All was well when I went to work but on may way back from work I just noticed some rumbling and discomfort in my tummy. I tried to ignore it but the rumbling got worse. I dey inside staff bus ...
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Pals in d house hear m out 1st, i've being prayin 4 braektrough as in financial aspect nd also 4 a life partner nd i met ds gal i talk 2her nd she accepted although 4 d past 2yrz now we 've been 2gether managing, mean while i 've b hustlin 2 get a tangeble place to work jst yesterday she called 2 tell m that i should look 4 another gal 2 marry that she isn't interested bt i still love her....
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I don't love her but she is madly in love with me. I have tried to distance myself from her but she keep coming, even at some point i stop picking her calls but she keep on calling. How do I tell her I don't love her?...
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Please people, how does one initiate a relationship without doing anything morally wrong?...
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a friend is having a stomach ulcer caused by H.pylori and right now he is having serious pains in his stomach. Somebody told him to drink unripe plantain water dat has fermented for 3days. Dat d water will cure d ulcer compeletly. Pls, wht shld he do?...
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she has been sex starving me for months now. is it wrong for me to satisfy my needs elsewhere ?...
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Hi people. This one is mainly for the men. Can you help me with some female experiences that you find difficult to understand, handle or relate to. Take for example, back in my undergraduate studies, I don' t remember exactly what i did to this girl, but i remember that she started staring at me. I swear with a 100% certainty that if i had not left that class, even if 3 days passed by, she wouldn' t have stopped. Please, any female can comment too by helping to explain any scenario given...
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