Awumen to all rugged fine boyers. May we all sail to d treas...
Awumen to all rugged fine boyers. May we all sail to d treasure island. If u feel my swagg, echo...Awumen!!!

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killer mood... smashing mosquitoes. this is my confession...
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Girls wey full here dey talk like ashi y the guys dey reason like mumu. No doubt you guys have some ...
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I still dont know where you guys saw the word 'confee'. Please there is nothing like that....
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It is a pity dat ds site is bein turned 2 war zone. D warring pals ar guilty of ABUSE OF NAIJAPALS. ...
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miss blue goat..i shall hunt u down.Who do u think u are?blue pig..emepretty my foot.worwo galllllll...
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I stand in love dont fall in it. Falling in love might result to my smashing my mouth against a ston...
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