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Awumen to all rugged fine boyers. May we all sail to d treas...
Awumen to all rugged fine boyers. May we all sail to d treasure island. If u feel my swagg, echo...Awumen!!!

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killer mood... smashing mosquitoes. this is my confession...
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I am looking for a guy who is willing to enter a relationship with me! I am female, 21, big, average height and expect him to know Jesus as Lord PERSONALLY! Would like my first kiss after 6 months or more self. No intention of having sex until we say I do. I am not rich, my Father is a Civil Servant & my Mum is a nurse. I live with them in London. I will be graduating in 2012. I am Nigerian not British. Oh yes! I love to laugh but have a cough right now. If interested, comment below! I will inbo...
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Girls wey full here dey talk like ashi y the guys dey reason like mumu. No doubt you guys have some shith to say....
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Hi guys. I need assistance with this as many have given me different answers. I will be visiting. U.S for 2 weeks stay and want to know how much money I need per day including food, fun, hotels, clubs, and other enjoyments. I am in Nigeria now and want to change naija naira there. Thank you...
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PLEASE BE PATIENT!!!, I need your help in resolving this issue before it boomerangs on me. My brother-in-law moved into our house sometime last year. He had a major disagreement with his wife and had to move out of the house. Efforts to get the wife to say something met with cold silence. His children too didn’t want to say anything on the matter. One thing was very apparent; the children supported their mother and my brother-in-law has called them bastards for doing that. Until that momen...
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I love this site for one thing. No matter how depressed you are if you log-in and enter into the confession room or the fight park, you will not know when you will be laughing and rolling on the floor because of different kind of confession and bomb of comments from both normal and abnormal anonymous, in fact some have run away for medication on thier admission at hospital.....
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I still dont know where you guys saw the word 'confee'. Please there is nothing like that. Its confessor please. I know say una go school. Everybody just write the nonsense with all confidence like say they see am for dictionary....
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It is a pity dat ds site is bein turned 2 war zone. D warring pals ar guilty of ABUSE OF NAIJAPALS. I hereby sue 4 peace. Lets sheathe our swords. Lets continue 2 pals....
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miss blue goat..i shall hunt u down.Who do u think u are?blue pig..emepretty my foot.worwo galllllllllllllllllllllll...
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I stand in love dont fall in it. Falling in love might result to my smashing my mouth against a stone. This is my confession....
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